Combat Feats

Adder Strike

Agile Maneuvers

Ammo Drop

Arc Slinger

Armor Proficiency, Light

Bashing Finish

Bleeding Strike

Binding Throw


Bloody Assault



Body Shield

Break Guard

Bullseye Shot

Catch Off-Guard

Cautious Fighter

Charge Through

Charging Hurler



Surprise Follow Through

Improved Surprise Follow Through

Cleaving Finish

Cleave Through

Close-Quarters Thrower

Clustered Shots

Combat Expertise

Combat Patrol

Combat Reflexes

Covering Defense

Critical Focus

Improved Critical

Critical Mastery

Critical Versatility

Crossbow Mastery

Dastardly Finish

Dazing Assault

Dazzling Display

Deadly Aim

Deadly Finish

Deadly Stroke

Death from Above

Death or Glory

Defensive Charm

Defensive Combat Training

Deflect Arrows

Desperate Battler

Devastating Strike


* Deathless Initiate

Dirty Trick Maneuvers:

Disarm Maneuvers:

Dispelling Critical

Disrupting Shot


Distance Thrower


Double Slice

Drag Down

Drag Maneuvers:

Dreadful Carnage

Drunken Brawling

Elemental fist

Elephant Stomp

Elven Accuracy


False Opening

Far Shot

Fearsome Barricade

Feint Action (uses Bluff Skill):

Felling Escape

Felling Smash

Ferocious Tenacity

Flanking Foil

Focus Throw

Focused Discipline

Focused Shot

Fortified Armor Training

Freezing Fist

Furious Focus

Fury’s Fall

Fury’s Snare

Gang Up

Goblin Cleaver

Gore Fiend

Gory Finish

Grapple Maneuvers:

Halfling Slinger

Hard Headed

Impaling Critical

Improved Initiative

Improved Low Blow

Improvised Weapon Mastery

Indomitable Mount

In Harm’s Way

Intimidating Prowess


Juggle Load

Landing Roll

Large Target

Low Profile

Lucky Strike



Missile Shield


Mounted Archery

Mounted Combat

Mounted Skirmisher

Mounted Shield

Nightmare Fist

Opening Volley

Orc Hewer

Overrun Maneuvers:

Parting Shot

Passing Feint

Penetrating Strike

Perfect Strike

Pinpoint Targeting

Pin Down

Pinning Knockout

Pinning Rend

Piranha Strike

Pivotal Strike

Point Blank Master

Point-Blank Shot

Power Attack

Precise Shot

Prone Shooter

Prone Slinger

Punishing Kick

Pushing Assault

Quarterstaff Master

Quick Draw

Rapid Reload

Rapid Shot

Ray Shield

Reckless Aim

Remote Bomb

Reposition Maneuvers:

Reverse Feint

Ride-by Attack

Riptide Attack

Risky Striker

Saving Shield

Second Chance

Serpent Lash

Shadow Stalker

Shadow Strike

Shatter Defenses

Shield Bash Attack:

Shield Focus

Shield Master

Shield Proficiency

Shield of Swings

Shield Specialization

Shield Wall

Shot on the Run


Sling Flail

Snap Shot

Snatch Arrows

Solid Body

Spear Dance


Spell Focus

Spell Metafocus

Spell Penetration

Spell Perfection

Spirited Charge

Spring Attack

Stabbing Shot

Stand Still

Steal Maneuvers:

Stealing Strike

Step Up


Strike Back

Stunning Assault

Stunning Fist

Sunder Maneuvers:

Surprise Follow Through

Surprise Strike

Swift Aid

Sympathetic Rage

Team Up

Throw Anything

* Ricochet Splash Weapon

Touch of Serenity

Tower Shield Proficiency


Trick Riding

Trip Maneuvers:

Two Weapon Defense

Two Weapon Feint

Two Weapon Fighting

Improved Unarmed Strike

Uncanny Defense

Undermining Exploit

Under and Over


Vicious Stomp

Vital Strike

Weapon Finesse

Weapon Focus

Weapon Specialization

Whip Mastery


Whirlwind Attack

Wind Stance

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Combat Feats

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