Long ago there existed a highly advanced civilization. We refer to them as the Ancient Ones. However little is known about them. We know of the grand cities that they built from exploring ancient ruins and inside these ruins we found powerful relics known as Artifacts. These artifacts are able to store energy and then convert it into elemental form. Since the Ancient’s disappearance we have adapted these artifacts into our everyday life. Using them for both remedial tasks as well as combat.

You are part of a guild that takes on quests for rewards. You will be part of 1 of 4 guilds of your choice. The Broken Core: Known for its use of artifacts to cast spells and summon elementals, The Sturdy Shield: a support guild that focuses on heavy defense and healing to support the other guilds for a cut of the reward, The Rusty Sword: a highly offensive capable guild that is quick to attack and never surrenders, and The Last Shadow: a very deceptive guild known for their underhanded and unorthodox methods.

Everything seems pretty routine but things wont be the same for long. Little do you know but you are about to embark on an adventure that will change everything you know about the world and it’s history.

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Ancient Artfiacts